More TS1 Sets

These sets do not contain any enhancements or fixes. They are original items from the closed TS1 section of Charmed Sims. We are going to enhance + optimize the IFF files for some of the sets in the future.

List of sets

Page 1: Sets 1 to 5
Blue Bedroom, Blue Glass Build Set, Blue Pine Kitchen, Blue Rustic Livingroom, Casual Study

Page 2: Sets 6 to 10
Cumberland Bath Set, Eastern Flair Bath Set, Elegance Livingroom Set, Exclusive Livingroom Set, Kimberlin Bath Set

Page 3: Sets 11 to 15
Madison Dining Room, McKenna Study, Peach Bath Set, Peach Bedroom, Pink Bath Set

Page 4: Sets 16 to 20
Purple Bedroom, Purple Flash Livingroom Set, Rose Velvetian Livingroom, Royal Bedroom, Sweetheart Bedroom

Page 5: Sets 21 to 25
Aqua Bedroom Set, Black Floral Bedroom, Gothic Bedroom, Green Floral Livingroom Set, Makin' Magic Kitchen

Page 6: Sets 26 to 30
Pastel Bath Set, Rose Bath Set, Rose Bedroom, Valentine Bath Set, Valentine Bedroom

Page 7: Sets 31 to 35
Bronze Bath Set, Colonial Blue Bedroom, Country Floral Bedroom, Chef Kitchen Set - both parts

Page 8: Sets 36 to 40
Lilac Country Bedroom, Lynden Bath Set, Lynden Dining Room, Lynden Kitchen Set, Tropical Bedroom Set

Page 9: Sets 41 to 45
French Kitchen, Ivory Livingroom, Luxury Bath Set, Luxury Bedroom Set, Midnight Bedroom Set

Page 10: Sets 46 to 50
Peach Study, Peach Livingroom, Pink Magic Kitchen, Sultry Bedroom Set, Summer Peach Bedroom

Page 11: Sets 51 to 55
Avondale Great Room, Eastern Flair Bedroom, Mauve Tuscan Kitchen, Tan Bedroom, Tangerine Kitchen

Page 12: Sets 56 to 60
Gold Spa Set, Midnight Spa Set, Mocha Spa Set, Royal Spa Set, Peach Spa Set

Page 13: Sets 61 to 67
Gold Bath Set, Midnight Bath Set, Mocha Bath Set, Royal Bath Set, Royale Living Set, Contemporary Living Set, Perfectly Pink Living Set

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