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The Story of Misha and Danny

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Chapter 1: The Early days

Misha moves into her new apartment, which she found through an ad in the paper. She has talked to Sheila on the phone and met her only once when she came to look at the apartment. She seems really nice. She hopes they'll get along and have fun as roommates. Sheila is an accountant and just moved into the neighborhood herself. She needed someone to split the bills with, which is why she put the ad in the paper.

Misha loves the apartment. It is spacious and she has her own bedroom and bathroom. She has a lot in common with Sheila and they get along well. Whew..... that's one less stress to deal with. Misha doesn't need any more of that while working as a waitress and trying to put herself through medical school.

Meanwhile on the other side of town.....

Danny also just moved into a house that his friend is leasing to him. It is not too big but just right for a single guy. He hopes to save money to buy his own house one of these days. He has to do some work around the place. The last tenant took all the light fixtures when he left. It was a big mess but he is good around the house so he'll fix things up soon.

Yeah he got some beautiful fixtures at a discount store. He invites one of the neighbors over for dinner to get to know his neighbor and find out what is going on in the neighborhood.

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