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The Story of Misha and Danny

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Chapter 2: Getting to know each other

Sheila invites a friend over to meet Misha. She "remembers" she has to pick up a few things at the store and leaves the two alone to get to know each other. She can tell before leaving that they seem to get along pretty well.

Misha and Danny talk with each other and wonder about Sheila's mysterious trip to the store. However they are getting along so well that they don't miss her too much.

Misha and Danny enjoy a quiet dinner and talk about what is going on in their lives. She thinks he's charming and he looks cute. She hopes he'll teach her something about being a programmer. She's always been interested in computers although she never took the time to pursue that interest.

Danny thinks she's a nice girl who loves the simple things in life. He likes that about a girl and is tired of the ones who seem to only want to know what a guy can buy for them.

The evening ends with a romantic kiss which surprises Misha because she is usually quite conservative. She wonders where this is all going to lead.

Danny surprised himself too. He was just going to hug her but he couldn't help himself. He is attracted to Misha. They have a lot in common and even though he just met her, they seem to share common values.

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