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The Story of Misha and Danny

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Chapter 3: A Romantic Evening

Danny can't get Misha out of his mind. He has been thinking about her all week. He calls to invite her out. At first she is quite hesitant. It seems she is embarrassed about the way the evening ended when he came over. He assures her he does not think she is a flirt for kissing him goodnight. That puts her at ease and she agrees to go out with him.

Danny brings Misha to this exclusive restaurant on the lakefront. The romantic sounds from the pianist as well as the surroundings set the tone for the evening.

The evening is going well. Good food, good conversation, and good company. Danny feels something else is going on but he is going to keep that to himself for now..... hmmm..... I wonder what he is thinking. Misha has also fallen under this charmer's spell but she is very careful to keep all her emotions under control. She does not want to give anything away.

They take a walk by the lake and stop for a moment to talk about the evening. Danny can't help it. He lets Misha know how he has been feeling about her. He is pleasantly surprised when she admits she is also falling for him.

This time she is the one who moves in for the kiss and he is ready for her. They are both falling in love and can't help it. The evening was what they both needed to remove their inhibitions and confess their feelings for each other.

Danny invites her home for a quiet evening. Misha agrees to go if he promises she'll be "safe". He assures her he'll be a gentleman and she accepts the invitation.

The couple spends the rest of the evening dancing and talking. They agree to start dating exclusively.

Misha can't believe she has fallen in love so quickly. After her past experiences she has been cautious when it comes to relationships but Danny seems to be different. She decides to trust him and hopes he won't break her heart.

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