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The Story of Misha and Danny

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Chapter 4: A Surprise Party for Misha

Misha's cousin Louise has been invited over for lunch. Misha does not know Danny invited her over to help with plans for a surprise dinner party tonight.

During dinner, Danny talks about his job and pretends he is interested in buying a new house and needs Louise help since she is a real estate agent.

Danny steals a kiss from his girlfriend before the evening celebration starts.

Misha can't help being silly and gives Danny a twirl and a kiss in return.

The evening dinner starts with a few friends. Misha's roommate, Sheila is there. Misha still has no idea about the surprise in store for her.

It's now after dinner. Danny leads Misha to the dining room and gets on his knees. Misha has tears in her eyes as she realizes what is happening. She can't believe the light of her life is proposing.

Misha admires her new ring and accepts Danny's proposal. Wheeeew..... Danny lets out a sigh of relief. He was turning blue from holding his breath :-). He is ecstatic she accepted his proposal. Now he can breathe. He was beginning to feel dizzy.

Danny and Misha change clothes to take some pictures for the album.

The newly engaged couple shares a kiss while their guests applaud.

Misha and her roommate Sheila share some tears and a hug after the engagement party. Sheila is sad she is losing such a wonderful roommate. But they agree to remain close friends.

Cousin Louise gives a hug and offers her congratulations. She is happy for her cousin and wishes her all the best as she moves on with the next stage of her life.

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