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The Story of Misha and Danny

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Chapter 5: Life in the Skysim home after the engagement

Misha moves in with Danny.

Misha admires the new bedroom set Danny bought. She looks forward to wonderful nights (and days) investigating the new bed :-) but.....

What's with the pic above the bed. Should she let Danny keep that pic from his bachelor days?..... Hmmm..... She'll have to think about that.

The couple spends a wonderful night together. Yes the bed was everything she thought it would be. Soft and comfortable and..... :-)

At breakfast the next day, Misha and Danny plan for the future. He is moving up the ladder at his company. She just got a job as a resident at the Sim Memorial hospital. They decide to save some money for a wedding and buy a house.

But for now they want to have some fun in the near future. Go out on the town, plan a vacation, maybe get a pet? Kids bring responsibility so they'll wait till after the wedding and a new house to start a family. Hopefully thing will work out the way they plan......

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