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The Story of Misha and Danny

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Chapter 6: The Skysim Nuptials

Misha and Danny have been working hard. They had planned on taking a vacation soon but instead have decided to change that to a honeymoon. They are therefore now making plans for the wedding. Misha wants a simple wedding at home with a few friends and family. She also wants to go on her honeymoon somewhere with a lot of water around. However it's going to be a surprise. Danny promises lots of fun in the water.

The evening before the big day, the wedding party gets together to rehearse. The Maid of honor is Sheila who is Misha's old roommate, and the Best Man is Viktor who is Danny's friend. The bridesmaid is Monika whose parents are close family friends.

Misha and Danny discuss the final details with Bishop Simstantino.

Everything is ready for the big day. The wedding planner has done a great job. The altar looks beautiful and the flowers are immaculate. The refreshments will take place right after the ceremony and everything is set up in the back.

The caterer is jabbering away somewhere but he has done a good job of setting up. The champagne is already on ice and the cake looks beautiful. The decision was made to set things up right at the beginning since it will be a very short ceremony. Do you recognize the man in the pic?

Misha can't believe the big day is finally here. She has butterflies in her stomach while Danny tries to look cuul. His heart is beating a mile a minute. He finally gets to make it official with his sweetheart. Danny's younger brother Mike who is the MC comes over to reassure his brother that everything is working like clockwork.

The MC makes sure everyone is in place and ready. The bishop has arrived and the ceremony is about to start.

Oooh. That guest finally recognized the celebrity standing next to him. It's Drew Carey whom Danny became friends with from his days as a DJ. Drew was not going to miss his friend's wedding for anything in the world.

The Bishop gets things underway. It looks like the Best Man is wondering when it will be his turn to be in Danny's position... ahem :-). Monika is excited and thinks her friends look beautiful. She loves weddings and is the cutest bridesmaid in her pretty red dress.

The exchange of vows is soon over. The groom and his bride share a special kiss.

Lots of hugs and best wishes all around.

It is time to sign the wedding book while the wedding party looks on. Danny seems to be overwhelmed. He can't believe his dream of marrying Misha finally came true :-).

The Maid of Honor and Best Man pose for a pic with the bride and groom.

Misha and Danny pose with their pretty bridesmaid, Monika.

The happy couple shares the first dance.

Monika can't believe she gets to meet Drew Carey. She kept looking at him during the ceremony wondering if it was really him...

Of course Monika is star-struck. Drew actually came over and shook her hands. What will her school mates say? They probably won't believe her. She better make sure that photographer got a pic of this :-)

The couple is ready to leave. All the guests look on as the wedding couple get ready to embark on the next stage of their journey. Oooh the honeymoon. Danny has a surprise for Misha. He was in charge of those arrangements and she was in charge of the major part of the wedding. Stay tuned to find out where they go for the honey moon. You'll find out the same time Misha does :-)

A special pic taken just for Monika to share with her friends. She looked so sad when Misha was ready to leave that Misha came back for one last pic with her.

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