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The Story of Misha and Danny

(A love story)

This is the story of two lovebirds who meet through a friend at work. Danny Skysim works as a programmer and met Misha Suburbia who is a waitress, through one of his co-workers, Sheila. The story begins.....

List of chapters

Chapter 1: The Early days
Chapter 2: Getting to know each other
Chapter 3: A Romantic Evening
Chapter 4: A Surprise Party for Misha
Chapter 5: Life in the Skysim home
Chapter 6: The Skysim Nuptials

To be continued...

Let me introduce Abby, who wrote this story for you. Abby is a special friend who shares my passion for Simsky. We happen to have the same birthday as well as common interests. She loves writing and decided to write a story for Simsky.

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